Born out of the fires of Twitter, an unlikely combo of writers joined forces to take down the patriarchy, trolls, pants. No, sorry what was it? Oh yes. Two tweeps that quite liked tweeting, realised they liked writing… and had learnt some lessons along the way that may be worth sharing.  

So after one too many beers, in what seemed liked a good idea at the time, they thought it would be a stunningly splendiferous idea to share their knowledge with the wider world and give reassurance to all writers (both professional and amateur) out there. This was clearly ill researched and rather arrogant, but that’s beer for you. So here we offer our counsel, formed mainly from the mistakes we’ve made (Ed: and still continue to make, in many cases… we’re definitely not perfect).

Remember you ARE a writer. You can do this! Be it a shopping list (ooh focaccia, fancy), a novel (hang in there, every word you write is useful), or a tweet about your latest Instagram post (mmmm nice buns #nomnomnom), you got this – with a little help from How Not To Writte 😉